Above It All Treatment Center Featured in A&E’s ‘Intervention’

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Above It All Treatment Center in Lake Arrowhead, California, collaborated with producers of the A&E television program “Intervention” to inform the public about the availability of intervention and treatment for those who suffer from substance abuse.

Above It All Treatment Center in Lake Arrowhead recently collaborated with producers of the A&E television program “Intervention” to inform the public about the availability of intervention and treatment for those who suffer from substance abuse. The episode, titled “Samantha D,” documents the story of families and friends who work with an interventionist in an attempt to guide their loved one into seeking professional treatment for her addiction.

Above It All is committed to showing people the help and hope that is available for individuals who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction – and for their families. The facility’s drug intervention program specialists help familiesdevise a plan to confront their loved one with compassion and caring. In a formal intervention, families and friends present the facts about how the chaos that comes about with addiction has affected them. The goal of intervention is convincing the addict to agree to treatment. Above It All works with families in California in face-to-face meetings. In out-of-state cases, Above It All will conduct remote intervention or will fly an intervention counselor to the family’s location.

“By our participation in this program, we really want to let people know that we have a team of experts available to assist the family,” said Kory Avarell, CEO of Above It All. “We know the agony involved as loved ones watch the addict in their lives slowly commit suicide with alcohol or drug abuse. We know the shame and guilt they feel, and we understand their desperation when they think they have exhausted every possible resource. We believe in the power of intervention, and we help each family to devise a plan that meets their individual needs.”

Located in a nurturing natural environment, Above It All takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment by addressing each client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Using the time-proven 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous as a base, Above It All’s staff of medical and psychiatric professionals works with clients to achieve complete wellness. Therapists and counselors provide individual and group counseling.

“We have found that the location of our treatment center is one of the most healing resources of all,” added Kory. “When our clients make a connection with nature, they begin to heal their spirits as well as their bodies.”

When an intervention results in an individual agreeing to treatment, Above It All continues to work with the family. Family members suffer, too. They become embroiled in the chaos of deception and denial that are earmarks of addiction. Above It All counselors educate family members about the nature of the disease of addiction and provide communication tools to teach the family how to support their loved one without enabling destructive behavior to continue.

About Above It All
Above It All Treatment strives to provide comprehensive treatment to those caught in the grasp of addiction. By utilizing the 12-step addiction recovery model – coupled with therapy, counseling and support – we challenge and inspire the will to change in each individual. Only strength, perseverance and dedication can trump addiction, and we instill these values into each of our patients – giving them the tools they need in recovery and for continued sobriety in the following weeks, months and years to come. Additional information about Above It All is available at http://www.aboveitalltreatment.com or by calling 877-941-0879.