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10 Things to Do With Your Extra Day for Your Recovery

Leap years only come around every four years, and 2016 is one of them. That means you have a full 24 hours more than you had last year and more than you’ll have next year. Instead of wasting this time away, put it to use supporting your recovery from addiction. Here are some great ways you can use this extra day for your benefit:

  1. Attend a support group meeting. Whether you’re providing support to others or getting support for yourself, you’ll be in good company and can stay motivated to keep moving forward.
  2. Volunteer. Give yourself a greater sense of purpose by giving back and helping others. Whether you participate in a one day project or sign up for something ongoing, you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference.
  3. Treat yourself. Get a manicure or pedicure, play a round of golf, or have that cupcake for dessert. Do something that makes you happy and boosts your mood!
  4. Reflect. Think about how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go. Remind yourself of your goals and keep working toward them.
  5. Connect with nature. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Take a walk, work in the yard, or do something else outside to de-stress and clear your mind.
  6. Re-evaluate your relapse prevention plan. Review what you’ve been doing and take stock of what’s working well and what isn’t. Make small changes and add to your list of strategies and resources for supporting your recovery.
  7. Spend time with new friends. Make time for friends who support your recovery and are a positive influence in your life. Continue building these relationships.
  8. Go for a run. Burn off excess energy or stress, clear your head, and boost your mood. Regular exercise is a great way to stay in shape and promote better health in recovery.
  9. Get a massage. Relax your mind and body while treating yourself to a soothing massage. You deserve it.
  10. Try something new. Is there a class or activity you’ve been wanting to try? Somewhere you’ve been planning to check out? Use leap day to do it! What are you waiting for?

These are just a few ideas for how to make the most of leap day and keep your recovery from addiction moving in the right direction.

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