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An Overview of Detoxification

Understanding How TheDetox Process Works

When it comes to getting help for substance abuse, detoxification is often the first step in the treatment process. Ridding your body of drugs & alcohol is key to success in recovery. Above It All Treatment Network is proud to offer free help for those struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Our network of detoxification programs in California all offer individualized, evidence-based care for addiction. Let us help you start your journey of recovery right now.

Detox provides a firm foundation on which sobriety can be built and developed. Detox can be dangerous, especially when done incorrectly. It is not an exaggeration to say that improper detox can be life threatening, therefore it’s important to not detox alone.

At Above It All Treatment Network, we take the detox process very seriously. We are passionate about seeing our clients embrace recovery by first detoxifying their minds and bodies. Our mission is to ensure that this detox is as safe and effective as possible. To learn more about the detox process at one of Above It All Treatment Network’s partner facilities, we encourage you to take action and reach out today. We are here day & night offering free help for addiction.

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Why is Detox Needed?Can't I Quit on My Own?

What makes detox such an important part of drug or alcohol addiction recovery? Detox is the process through which the body and mind are rid of harmful toxins. This sets the stage for lifelong sobriety.

Not all detox processes are the same because not all drugs, and not all people, are the same. Quitting the use of a drug “cold turkey” can actually lead to significant withdrawal symptoms—and some of these can even be fatal. Detox is sometimes a more incremental process, with the drug in question being gradually decreased in its dosage. It’s imperative to detox under the care of medical professionals.

What to Expect When I Enter a Detox Program in California

How Can We Help?

At Above It All Treatment Network, we understand and believe in the importance of detoxification. It is most often referred to as the first step in the treatment process, which is why it’s something that shouldn’t be skipped. Through our network of facility partners, we offer drug and alcohol detox that is clinically supervised. Each client’s detox process receives around-the-clock medical supervision. Additionally, the process starts only after a careful evaluation from an addiction recovery specialist. This ensures each client receives the right detox plan. Detox involves addiction recovery specialists physically stabilizing the person, and then getting drugs and alcohol out of their system. At this point, treatment can begin.

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Evidence-Based Detox in California

How to Find a Safe & EffectiveDetox Program in California

Your disease may be telling you it’s okay to detox on your own. We are here to tell you it’s not okay. Detoxification from certain substances can be deadly, and withdrawal symptoms can be painful and triggering, leading to a relapse. Above It All Treatment Network’s Certified Advisors have been in your shoes before. We understand what it’s like to struggle with the disease of addiction. The good news is: recovery is possible. Find out how our network of facility partners can offer you access to detox programs in California, which offer individualized care. Recovery starts when you reach out for help. Don’t wait any longer.

Detox is most effective when you have medical supervision and support. Our partner detox facilities in California provide a compassionate and nurturing environment during detoxification. The Above It All Treatment Network partners give each client encouragement and support, reducing the risk of relapse, while also keeping withdrawal symptoms under control.

The detox programs at our partner facilities also offer medications that help manage and mitigate some of the withdrawal symptoms. These medications are non-habit forming, and addicts are tapered off of them once the initial withdrawal symptoms subside. We ensure our partner facilities make this uncomfortable process as safe and easy as possible for clients heading down their road to recovery.

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Whether you or a loved one is suffering with a drug or alcohol problem, we can help. Our team of Certified Above All Advisors are available day & night in order to help you recover once & for all. Pick up the phone and call us now.

Find the Best Detox Program for You

Overcome addiction for goodQuit Using & Detox Today

You may have heard that you need to hit “rock bottom” in order to get help for a drug or alcohol problem. The truth is you decide when enough is enough, hopefully before it’s too late. Addiction is a serious & deadly disease that can sneak up and take your life within a matter of minutes. At Above It All Treatment Network, we are here to be your advocate throughout the entire treatment process. Whether you are drinking too much, or addicted to opioid painkillers, there is hope for all those addicted to drugs & alcohol.

Sometimes, there is a temptation to skip clinical detox in favor of a home or “DIY” detox—but this is unsafe and strongly discouraged. Without the proper clinical supervision, it is simply impossible to keep withdrawal symptoms in check, or to do anything to meaningfully manage and mitigate pain. Those who attempt to detox on their own are at a high risk both for relapse and for self-harm due to the discomfort.

Rather than take that risk, begin the recovery process safely and effectively. Speak with one of our addiction recovery specialists about what the detox process will entail.
To learn more or to get help for a friend or loved one, we invite you to call today. Do not delay detox, start fighting for your health & sobriety today. Call us at 877-978-3312.

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