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12 Step Program forms Basis for Treatment

If you are looking at drug treatment center for yourself or someone you love, you may be wondering about the approach to treatment used. There are many ways that professionals can help clients with substance abuse issues, but the Above It All Treatment Center focuses on 12- step programs to help its clients get clean and sober.

Why has the Center decided on this approach? It is a highly effective way to help addicts get sober and walk on that road over the long term. The 12 steps can be used by people of any religious faith, or no religious affiliation at all.

Working the 12 Step Program

  • Each person works the steps at his or her own pace.
  • The process is meant to be a lifetime process
  • The first step is for the addict to admit that he or she is powerless over the addiction.
  • Part of this process also involves making amends to those who have been hurt as the result of addiction
  • Another step involves taking a personal inventory
  • The final step in the process requires participants to be of service to others.

Being Accountable and Getting Well

One thing drug addicts are very good at is finding ways to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. At worst, they become professional victims and have a slew of excuses why they are not to blame for their addiction. They may even try to pin the blame on their family members or circumstances in their life to deflect it away from themselves.

Working through the 12-step program puts the responsibility for the addiction on the addict. They need to take a look at themselves and their actions and be accountable for the decisions they have made.

Other Treatment Programs Available

The 12-step program is one part of the treatment plan offered to a client who is admitted to the Above It All Inpatient program. Each client will receive specialized care designed to meet his or her individual needs. On arrival, clients are assessed. If necessary, they will go to detox so that their bodies are free from all chemical substances. Only when they are clean will the real treatment begin.

Clients may meet with counselors on an individual basis, participate in group therapy sessions, and see therapists on their own. They will receive instruction on nutrition and participate in hiking and other physical activities. Participating in 12-step meetings is an important part of the daily routine at the treatment center. The days are kept full, and clients learn how to enjoy a number of sober activities so they don’t have time to get bored while they are in treatment. The goal is to stay busy and keep working the 12 steps to get well.

Eventually, they learn how to integrate new healthy behaviors like these on their own, so they can leave the treatment center and liver sober, happy, and peaceful lives throughout the future.

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