Getting Addiction Help When Drinking and Using Doesn’t Work Anymore

“The old pleasures were gone. They were but memories. Never could we recapture the great moments of the past. There was an insistent yearning to enjoy life as we once did and a heartbreaking obsession that some new miracle of control would enable us to do it. There was always one more attempt and one more failure” -pg 151 from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous: A Vision for You

As it says in the big book, “no person likes to think he is bodily and mentally different from his fellows.” Therefore, it is not surprising that we constantly try to make drinking work for us, or that we have a strong desire and drive to drink like we use to be able to in the beginning. It truly is a heartbreaking obsession to try to do something and yet know it will never work for us again. Many of us follow this obsession into the gates of insanity or death. When we pick up the bottle we generally are only thinking about the times it did work for us or the hope that it will again. It’s a vicious cycle that destroys many peoples’ lives and families. However, there is hope through Alcohol addiction help and support for family of addicts. Many people have the opportunity to recover, patch up their lives, and repair relationships. The cycle can stop. If you need help there are several places available, a couple of them being; rehabs that take insurance, AA, and other 12 step rehab facilities. While it is true that the old pleasures are gone, you will find many new pleasures in living a sober and happy life.