Your Rehab Survival Guide

Alcohol, drugs, and countless other addictions can pose extreme strain on the professional and personal life of an individual. Once the choice has been made to seek out recovery options, surviving the rehabilitation process becomes a priority worthy of the individual’s unabashed attention. For many rehab patients, this journey is one not one easily traveled. In the following entry, we will offer up a few tips to help you through the initial rehab process to ensure a successful and long-lasting recovery.

1 – Accountability is key. The first step to take in your recovery journey is the acknowledgement that you, and only you, are responsible for your success. If you are not completely invested in your own recovery, the help of others will do little to aid in your quest. Communicate your goals with close friends and relatives to gain support, and request help whenever needed. Though your recovery is dependant on you, a solid support system is vital on the road to success.

2 – Take a deep breath and throw yourself head-first into your Above It All treatment program. Participate in group activities and discussions, educate yourself on your addiction type, and take medications as advised by your addiction counselors. Create a structure and routine for your time to keep yourself accountable.

3 – Come to the understanding that you are addicted, out of control, and in need of help. Locate other people, be them staff or other patients within the rehabilitation program, to relate to. The more you are able to communicate and involve yourself with others, faster your recovery will take place.

4 – Learn how to attend to your feelings in a productive manner. With a focused and quiet mind, you can and will survive this process. Write our your future goals, and make lists that will help you determine how to reach them. By incorporating your recovery into your goal list, you will be able to prioritize your actions, while keeping your eye on the prize.

5 – Find an activity that makes you happy. From exercise and sports to music and arts, throwing yourself into something outside your own head will serve to keep you motivated, determined, and pushing forward. Who knows… you might even find a new career path! Explore your options, and pursue new avenues whenever able.

6 – Your rehabilitation staff is there for a reason. Use them when you are having doubts, concerns, or need to address a difficult question. These professionals, are highly trained in the areas of addiction and addiction recovery, and will be able to help point you in the right direction.

7 – Keep a journal. Writing in a daily journal will provide you with an outlet for your thoughts, while giving you a reference to keep throughout your journey. Jot down your feelings, poems, pictures, whatever you like! In time, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

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