How to Host a Sober Tailgate for the Big Game

Football season is almost over, and that means the big game is coming up. Whether your favorite team is playing or not, it’s still fun to host a get-together and cheer along as the teams battle it out. While a sober tailgate may seem contradictory to the usual hoopla that surrounds the big game, it can become a great tradition and be an enjoyable experience for all.

Sober Tailgate Party Tips

Before the big day arrives, it’s important to plan ahead. Think through potential situations that may arise and how you’ll handle them. Put plans in place to reduce temptation and create a safe, fun environment. You may want to attend a support group meeting beforehand just to give yourself some extra motivation and encouragement in your recovery.

  • Ask friends to bring food, but leave the alcohol at home. You can whip up some mocktails or have an assortment of other non-alcoholic beverages available. You could even hold a contest to see who can come up with the best alcohol-free drink concoction.
  • Have games available to keep people entertained and take their mind off of drinking. Corn hole and card games are always fun and young and old alike can play.
  • Invite sober friends, or those who support your recovery. It’s okay to be selective about who you choose to spend your time with, so think carefully before creating the guest list. If you know Joe has a tendency to get drunk at every game, he’ll probably have more fun at a different party anyway.
  • Hold friendly competitions such as a cook-off to see who makes the best chili or burgers.

Don’t get yourself too worked up over what others will think about a sober tailgate. Focus on having fun with friends and getting hyped up for the big game and it will be here before you know it. Prove to everyone that alcohol isn’t a requirement to have good time.

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