Celebrating Halloween in Sobriety

Halloween can be an exciting time for kids and adults alike. It’s a time to dress up, have fun, and spend time laughing with friends. Halloween celebrations don’t have to compromise your recovery, and just because you’re in recovery doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. By spending a little time planning ahead, you can make sure you’re ready when Halloween rolls around.

  • Stick with substance-free activities: Keep yourself distracted and active by taking your kids trick-or-treating or going to a family-friendly event. You can enjoy time with your family and take comfort in knowing that drugs and alcohol won’t be part of the scene.
  • Accept party invites carefully: You don’t need to go to every party just because you’re invited. If you know drugs and alcohol will be present and there will be pressure or temptation to join in, politely decline. If you do go to a party, take care of getting your own drink – and keeping an eye on it – so you know no alcohol will be involved. Also, always have a plan for how you will leave so you’re not stuck in an uncomfortable or tempting situation.
  • Choose an alternate celebration: Who says you have to go to a party? Invite friends to go on a ghost tour or haunted hayride or to Halloween at the local amusement park. You could also stay in with popcorn and a stash of candy watching scary movies with friends.

There are plenty of ways that you can celebrate without putting your recovery in jeopardy. Prove to yourself that you can have fun without drugs or alcohol. If you need additional support or encouragement, attend a meeting beforehand to reaffirm your commitment to your recovery and talk through your concerns. Above It All supports clients with ongoing recovery through life skills and planning programs, sober living, and relapse prevention planning. If relapse does occur, Above It All is here to help you get back on track.

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