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A Closer Look At Our Addiction Center Activities

At Above It All, our addiction center activities seek to help patient rehabilitate the body, mind and spirit. Located in the San Bernardino Mountain range, with full access to nature’s unsurpassed elegance, serenity and beauty, our wealth of outdoor activities affords patients the ability to appreciate both themselves and their surroundings in a positive supportive and sober mindset. Below, we will provide you with a general outlook in regard to what patients should expect from our rehab and recovery activities program.

A large number of our treatment program activities revolve around the idea that experience can be utilized as a way to enhance the rehabilitation process. Nature is implemented in a wide array of activities, including boating trips, day outings and hiking. The activities available to patients typically change with the season, but whether it’s the height of summer of depths of winter, we make certain to include nature as a viable and constant treatment asset.

It’s not uncommon for various aspects throughout the addiction treatment process to become overwhelming for residents. As such, it’s important for patients to commit themselves fully to the activity – yoga, boating, meditation, etc. – at hand. In this way, the individual is best able to focus and reflect on their struggles, recovery and pursuit of happiness.

Keeping a solid balance between activity participation and therapy serves in helping patients move past the negativities associated with their addictions. Our structured activity platform allows clients the opportunity to relieve the stresses of old, while working towards a positive and happy tomorrow. When combined with daily counseling and group therapy sessions, this platform is capable of establishing a foundation from which patients can make a healthy transition back into society.

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