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Above It All Takes Part in ‘Intervention’ Television Program

In an episode titled Samantha, Above It All recently worked with the producers of the A&E television reality show “Intervention.” The show was an excellent opportunity to educate and inform the public about the hope and help offered by addiction intervention and treatment.

Working with Ken Seeley, a professional interventionist from Intervention911, and A&E productions, we are helping to get the word out about the help that is available to families and friends of addicts who want to encourage their loved ones to seek treatment. We understand the desperation that families and friends feel when they love someone who is suffering from the disease of addiction. We understand the feelings of shame and guilt causes by the chaos of an addict’s behavior. We are here to reach out when they believe they have exhausted every possible method to encourage their loved ones seek help. We connect families with a license professional who will work with them in approaching the addict with compassionate caring. The interventionist listens to each family’s individual needs and then helps to devise a plan for a face-to-face meeting to address the facts of the addict’s behavior.

Family Treatment Helps Increase Success of Recovery

When an alcoholic or addict agrees to enter a treatment program, the first step is detox. Detox provides a time for medical and psychiatric evaluation. The time spent in detox varies from individual to individual, depending on the substances used and the duration of use. When clients have achieved enough physical and emotional balance to move on, residential treatment helps them address underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction. Family members join the treatment process to learn about the disease of addiction and their role in it. We help clients and their families develop new, more effective methods of communication as they all work together toward a new chance at life free from the chains of alcohol or drug addiction.

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