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Accepting Change

Sometimes we fight new things or situations. We can’t possibly imagine a new way of life. We can’t imagine our lives without a certain relationship, friendship, job, material possession, or in our case drugs and alcohol. How does one move on from something that has been such a big part of their lives? By forming new habits and asking for alcohol addiction help. It can seem painful to let go of things we think we need or have such a dependency on but if we do the work, go through a drug addiction detox, let go of the unhealthy bonds and ties we formed in our lives and turn it over to a power greater than ourselves then we will be ok, it doesn’t mean it would be difficult or that there won’t be pain along the way from the loss in our lives it just means we are giving up something that is no longer working for us for the hope of something better. When we turn our lives over and make the decision to go to a 30 day rehab or other types of sober centers eventually those feelings of fear, loss, and sadness will be replaced with healing and happiness. The same goes for everything else in our lives. If we turn our will and our life over to something greater than ourselves we may not know how and we may not know why but we can be certain that the conflict in our lives will be removed and there will be room for something much greater to come into our lives. It’s called faith and if we as alcoholics are going to survive life then we need to learn to live in faith and not in fear.

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