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Addiction Recovery is Possible with the Right Help

Addiction and recovery do belong in the same sentence. If you or a loved one have been living with a dependence on drugs or alcohol for a long time, the situation may seem hopeless. It will take time and professional help to treat the addiction, but there is no reason to give up hope.

All that is necessary to get started on the road to a sober life is a willingness to change. You or your loved one doesn’t need to have the answers to how to go about getting to the bottom of the issue. The staff at Above It All Treatment Center has the knowledge and the experience to determine the right course of treatment for each client’s needs. How does their approach work?

Detoxification is the First Step to Getting Well

When a client arrives at the treatment center, he or she will go through drug and alcohol abuse detox. Treatment will only be effective if a client is physically free from all toxic substances. This process is carefully monitored by experienced personnel. If a client needs a higher level of care, he or she will be transferred to the local hospital emergency room.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Some clients need help for more than one health issue. When addiction is present along with mental health concerns, it is called a dual diagnosis. Clients who need depression and anxiety treatment can get help from trained counselors who have experience dealing with clients who have more than one concern.

Once the detox phase has been completed, appropriate treatment can be offered for the addiction and the mental illness. Both of them must be dealt with to help guide the client into recovery.

Get Effective Addiction Treatment

An effective addiction treatment program for you or a loved one will have a number of elements. The goal is to break the cycle of dependence on drugs or alcohol and help people learn better ways to cope with stressors in their life. A program can include the following:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
  • Individual sessions with an addictions counselor
  • Education sessions
  • Life skills training

Going to an inpatient treatment program means the focus can be on getting well, without any distractions of everyday life. Getting sober is much too important to leave to chance once you or your loved one has made the choice to accept help.

Make the right choice and get help with addiction from people who truly understand this disease. Taking the first step isn’t difficult. All it takes is picking up the phone and making a call to the Above It All Treatment Center for help. Your call will be answered by a caring recovery specialist. Don’t wait – call now!

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