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Alcohol Drug Rehab Twelve Step Lingo

Drug addiction detox often includes Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The Twelve Steps make up the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous, which was founded in 1935 and now has over 2 million members. Utilizing the twelve steps of spiritual and character development  helps people in recovery stay sober. (Narcotics Anonymous groups also use these same twelve steps.) Aside from the Twelve Steps themselves, many AA and NA meetings might also make use of some or all  of the following terms or phrases listed below:


When someone involved in AA says, “Today is my birthday,” they are referring to the anniversary of the day they became sober. At California rehab centers, this date is also called an “anniversary.”


It’s length of sobriety time, not age that people are referring to when they call someone an “old-timer.” In some drug addiction rehab treatment groups, one qualifies as an old-timer 10 years; in others many more. Young people can be old-timers, and elderly people can be newcomers.


At Los Angeles treatment centers, when someone talks about  their “time,” they’re not referring to time spent in rehab or jail, but are referring to the length of time they have been continuously sober.


When a member of  AA says they “went out,” they’re talking about having a relapse into drinking or drug use after time spent sober. If you know someone who’s gone out, and is looking for help, contact us for drug rehab in California.

Think (Think, Think)

A common AA slogan, “Think, think think” is a reminder to take a pause before making a rash move such as using drugs or drinking.

Drug of Choice

“Drug of choice” is the primary way addicts chose to get high.

Last Drunk

This phrase refers to an alcoholic’s final binge, and most likely the one that caused them to hit rock bottom and seek drug addiction rehab treatment either in a rehab center or through attending 12 Step meetings.


In the 12 Step program, acceptance is realizing that alcoholism or addiction is a disease and a permanent part of one’s life. Finding an affordable drug treatment center is a way to accept the truth of an inability to stop drinking or using drugs without help.

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