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Alcoholism and the Mind, Body and Spirit

“No person likes to think he is bodily and mentally different from his fellows.” – The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 30

It is apparent that the problem with alcohol and drug addiction is that it’s all encompassing.  In order to heal, alcohol rehabs in California understand that no stone must be left unturned and this includes one’s physicality.  After substantially repeated abuse, a return to a healthy life needs to also address the body of the alcoholic addict.  The best opportunities for recovery recognize the need to strengthen the complete individual, resetting them from every angle.  These changes can be a definitive contribution to their recovery.  This holistic perspective and subsequent treatment, which acknowledges the importance of exercise, will assist in creating the best scenario for a solid return to a life filled with dignity instead of despair.

California alcohol rehabs take this approach, recognizing a full recovery may not occur if all aspects are not addressed.  In the daily schedule, time is set aside to work out and is done so at whatever level the alcoholic addict is capable.  The exercise of the body is of maximum benefit in its contribution toward a life worth living.  In addition to all of its obvious advantages, recent studies have shown that working out actually has the ability to alter the brain’s chemistry.  Therefore it is understood that these changes further assist in combating depression and anxiety.

As the body begins to heal, the mind begins to follow suit.  The mind needs to learn new ways of processing old information.  By using meditation and exercise, Los Angeles rehab centers are giving alcoholic addicts a firmer ground on which to stand.

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