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Alcoholism and the Phenomenon of Craving

“Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that while they admit it is injurious, they can’t after a time differentiate the true from the false.”-Doctors Opinion pg xxix From the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Most people first try alcohol out of curiosity, experimentation, or as a sort of right of passage. However what happens after the first drink for the normal drinker vs. the alcoholic is very different. It is an entirely different experience and effect. The normal drinker will drink once in a while. For the alcoholic a phenomenon of craving sets in. Usually from there on out the difference between them and their fellows becomes obvious. Often times we drink to get drunk, have poor boundaries regarding alcohol, and try to ignore the consequences. While normal drinkers drink, stop before they have had too much, and have little to no consequences around their drinking. As alcoholics we are often times blown away by normal drinkers ability to do so. We realize it has a harmful effect for us usually long before we realize we have a problem yet we can’t stop. Furthermore it’s been scientifically proven that alcoholics breakdown alcohol differently on a chemical level. Also as alcoholics that part of our brain that’s job is to remind us of cause /effect or harmful situations greatly lacks in its ability to do so when it comes to alcoholics brain chemistry. So it’s basically like we are touching a hot stove after we have been burned several times before, knowing we probably shouldn’t, and but not remembering why. How does one get out of such a seemingly hopeless situation? The only possible way is by getting and staying sober. If you suffer from alcoholism and are tired of getting “burned” here are a few good places to start…AA, researching a drug rehab blog, or finding an affordable rehab. Also if necessary there is drug addiction detox. Whatever route you or your loved one chooses you never have to feel like this or struggle again.

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