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Benefits of Sober Living in California

Congrats on wanting to get sober in the first place and an even bigger congrats for considering California as the place to do it. There are options all over the country and perhaps ones even closer to you than heading out to the west coast but if that’s where your mind wandered and you’re reading this now, it’s clear you already have some unconscious connection with Cali and the good life it offers.

Above It All Treatment Network would like to now dive into what makes being sober in California the best. 

Benefits of Living in California

First and foremost, California boasts many treatment centers that can cater to the needs of each individual on their path to recovery. Be it detox, residential inpatient, outpatient, sober living houses, alternative therapies and more, this state has a treatment facility for everyone.

Not only that but they’re spread across the entire state.

Sober Living California

In addition to having a lot to offer in terms of the sheer amount and variety of options, California is just a super enjoyable place to live after treatment. Once you finish up and have begun the transition from your intensive inpatient stay to outpatient care, you’ll already find yourself in love with the way of life out here and hard-pressed to leave it.


Lots of Nature

Can you think of a more geographically diverse state? You’ve got the coast from top to bottom so a day at the beach is never too far away. Down in Los Angeles, you have essentially year-round nice weather and what’s described as a warm Mediterranean climate. Up north you’ve got mountains for endless enjoyment, hiking and biking in the summer and skiing or snowboarding in the winter. Forests full of sequoias to explore. Add a little sprinkle of desert and you really do have a touch of every type of nature.

Easily Accessible With Major Airports

Another benefit to living in California is that it’s extremely accessible and well connected.  Major airports dot the state with smaller regional ones in between for even more convenience. Your family and friends will have no trouble flying in to visit from anywhere and conversely, because there are so many major airports, you won’t have a tough time getting anywhere either.

Big Industries to Work In

It’s easy to equate California with Hollywood and the entertainment business, that’s certainly accurate. But setting aside that and the other big industries, in general, for a moment, consider that California has the largest economy of all the states in the US. Taking it one step further, if it were its own country, Cali would have the 5th largest economy in the world. It’s larger than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. Try to wrap your head around that.

Given that, you can imagine that it’s possible to find work in any industry in California, not just the big ones.

Culturally Diverse

Another beautiful thing about sober living in California is that while the natural beauty is immense the beauty in the diversity of the population is truly a thing to behold. People of all walks of life, from many countries on earth, call California home and serve to create such a rich tapestry of lived experiences to pull from and learn about. It means that while you have access to all types of different foods you also have access to countless perspectives on life that can help shape your new worldview. What a gift that is.

Get Sober in California

If you’ve made the decision to get sober in California or are looking into options on behalf of a loved one, get in touch with us at Above All Treatment. You’ve already zeroed in on the best state for recovery but finding the right treatment facility is a bit more challenging and as a free and comprehensive resource for just that, we can guide to the best program.

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