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Blessings in Sobriety, Part Two

When we get sober most of us have resentments we have held on to our whole lives. Many of us are not too happy about being an alcoholic and feel like we were dealt a bad hand. While others may have a hard time seeing past the difficulties of staying sober after receiving alcohol addiction help. Shortly after getting sober either by ourselves or through some sort of California alcohol rehab we are able to clean up our wreckage and the fog begins to lift. Either through AA or an addiction program in Los Angeles we are shown how to work the steps, and begin to feel relief. After working the steps we can then go on to live happy, joyous, and free lives. As it says in the big book we are rocketed into the fourth dimension of existence. As a result of our freedom we are finally able to know what happiness is in the truest sense of the word and are able to see how blessed we are. Often times we look at our glass as half empty only being able to see what we don’t have or the opportunities we have missed out on but what we don’t understand is that those things we don’t have, those missed opportunities , or those moments we don’t get what we want are actually blessings. They are blessings because it just means that our higher power is making room for something far greater than any little plans we might have made for ourselves. As its said in AA “if you want to make God laugh make plans.”

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