Getting Sober and Circumstances of Life

“Let no alcoholic say he cannot recover unless he has his family back. This just isn’t so. In some cases the wife will never come back for one reason or another. Remind the prospect that his recovery is not dependent upon people. It is dependent upon his relationship with God. We have seen men get well whose families have not returned at all. We have seen others slip when the family came back too soon. Both you and the new man must walk day by day in the path of spiritual progress. If you persist, remarkable things will happen. When we look back, we realize that the things which came to us when we put ourselves in God’s hands were better than anything we could have planned. Follow the dictates of a higher power and you will presently live in a new and wonderful world, no matter what your present circumstances!” pg.-100 Working with Others from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

When first receiving alcohol addiction help and getting sober many of us think that life should look a certain way and that we should have certain things or get the things we lost back just because we are sober. While most of us do get our life’s back there are things and relationships that take time to heal and get back. That does not mean we cannot recover. There is no person place or thing that can keep us sober or stop us from recovering. Regardless of age, sex, job, race, political views, religion, and circumstance we can all recover. Those other possessions and relationships will come back if and when they are meant to. All we need to do is show up, and do the work that is asked of us in life, a drug addiction detox, AA, or 30 day rehab program. Regardless of the way our life looks the fact is that if we didn’t drink today, our lives are better for that alone, and the rest is extra.

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