What To Do After Rehab

Following your release from Above It All, you may be anxious in regard to the direction you should head next. In order to achieve the happy and fulfilling lifestyle you’re after, you’ll need to place a heavy emphasis on implementing the lessons learned throughout your substance abuse rehabilitation experience. If you do not continue your efforts once you’ve arrived home, the chances of maintaining your sobriety will quickly diminish. In this entry, we will offer up a few tips to help you through the transition from rehab back to everyday life.


Locate a support group. Hop online and search for local 12-step meetings in your area. Most every region has meetings available, and membership is free of charge. Consider asking your Above It All addiction counselor for a recommendation on area groups. Not only will these meetings help maintain your commitment to sobriety, but they often provide members with a forum to express themselves openly while meeting and engaging with new friends.

Financial Rehab

Obtain a job that does not require you to handle alcohol or drugs. Your addiction counselor and family should be able to point you in the direct direction, but you must be driven to work. Sit yourself down and write out a plan to help pay off your expenses and debt. Stick to your plan, keeping a budget and paying off your debts one by one over time.

Relationship Rehab

Write out a list of the people that have been hurt by your actions prior to obtaining drug and alcohol addiction help. Next to each name, jot down the ways in which you hurt the individual, along with a way to rectify the situation. It’s important to note that not every situation may be fixable. In certain instances, the only way to make things right is to focus on your recovery, and show the individual how you’ve changed.

Sober Living

Make sure to determine your living arrangements prior to leaving Above It All. If you already have a home in mind, be sure to consider the potential outcomes of the arrangement. Does your family mind having you back? Do your friends have space available? Do your friends use alcohol or drugs?

Research local sober living homes and call a few to locate one that suits your needs and goals. Most homes will have a list of rules and guidelines to follow in order to maintain your residence. Rent will be due each month. Can you meet these requirements?

Relapse Prevention

Perhaps the most important concentration area post rehab is relapse prevention. Know your triggers and avoid situations that may include them. If certain triggers are unavoidable, be sure to have a plan set in place to deal with them properly. By sticking to your sobriety and the support system you arrange, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


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