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CA Rehab and Sobriety: When You’re Ready to Make a Change

If you find that when you start drinking or using you can’t stop you may need alcohol addiction help. If you are sick and tired of not having control, having there be severe consequences to your actions, as well as losing all the positive things in your life then it might be time to look into a 30 day rehab program, AA, or a drug addiction detox. When we are first getting sober the idea of showing up, getting sober, and doing the work can be intimidating and impossible. With programs like the ones previously mentioned anyone has a fighting chance when it comes to recovery. Through taking that first step we are not only showing up for ourselves and others but for life as well. Through the help of the programs that are available we don’t have to do this alone and they can show you exactly how to recover. Before we get sober many of us are left feeling helpless. This disease had taken almost everything if not everything we love and cared about. It was as if we were banging our head against a brick wall over and over again and we couldn’t stop ourselves. We lost the ability to control and enjoy our drinking. We learn that it wasn’t due to lack of will power as many of us had thought but rather it was the result of a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, a disease, alcoholism. Thankfully there is a solution and through getting sober and staying sober we can regain the power in our lives. We no longer have to be enslaved to this disease if we are willing to take the first step and reach out.

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