“Thank you AIA for making my first (and hopefully last) experience a memorable one. I learned a lot!! Thank you Marsha for your guidance! Thank you Nancy for your hugs and love! Both ladies have made this experience a memorable one! They will always carry a special place in my heart. Thank you Kory for having this program. Your heart is huge! You are a blessing to many lost souls!!”


Thank You AIA For All You Did For Me

“Thank you Kory for helping me on the financial side because my insurance doesn’t want to pay. Cheryl was great. Rick and Ashley I really cherished. Thank you AIA for all you did for me!! You are doing God’s work. God bless you all.”


Thank You For The Genuine Care

“Thank you for the genuine care and strong framework for me to utilize upon my return home. I look forward to making my living amends.”

It Was An Amazing Experience

“This is the only place I will return to because it was an amazing experience that works on you! Because “It’s NOT them”


I Feel I’m Leaving Here A New Person

“AIA was a great experience and provided me with the help I needed. The staff and clients were all supportive and friendly and helped me through my recovery and I will never forget any of them. I feel I’m leaving here a new person and will keep everything I learned here and take it with me in my journey and apply it in my recovery. I will keep everyone in my thoughts, prayers and heart.”


I Chose The Best Rehab I Could Find

“My honest ratings for my recovery, I used to choose the best drugs around, when it came to my recovery, I chose the best rehab I could find, for future growth”