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Changes in Early Recovery

Early in recovery, nearly every alcoholic and addict struggles with great changes in themselves. Suddenly, the things they thought they enjoyed are no longer very enjoyable and they find themselves wanting to seek out new experiences and aspects of themselves.

For some this is a difficult and painful process. Suddenly, not only are they letting go of drugs and alcohol but they are confronting parts of themselves that seem to be falling away – things that seem a part of their core identity. Perhaps musical taste or taste in films or activities change. This can be frightening and can leave you wondering “Who am I”?

They are changing. As one lets go of drugs and alcohol and into recovery, the spiritual and emotional changes are so grand that they naturally affect other aspects and sometimes, external components of the life of the alcoholic and addict. For some, these changes are subtle. For others, these things change more dramatically.

As the inside changes, the outside often does as well. Drugs and alcohol have impeded our spiritual and emotional growth and now that we are sober and free from the clutches of addiction, we begin to grow in a way that we haven’t been able to for a great many years. We are free to create a concept of the person we want to be and to become that person. Maybe you want to go back to school, change careers, spend more time with your family or get back to the magic of creativity that you seem to have lost someplace along the way.

When you make the decision to let go of drugs and alcohol and to experience true freedom, you will be able to have any experience you can dream of.

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