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Chris Hardwick and the Challenge of Rebuilding a Life After Alcohol Addiction

Chris Hardwick learned the hard way that life is not just one big party. The comedian landed a job at the age of 22 as co-host of MTV’s Singled Out reality show, and seemed to have everything going for him. But after years of partying, fooling around, and alcohol addiction, the then 30-year-old realized he was not where he wanted to be in life. He was unhappy with his career, with his appearance, and with his personal life, and he knew he had to change.

2003 was the year that began Hardwick’s transformation. He began his alcoholism recovery, began to eat right and exercise, and focused on his health like never before. Today Hardwick is a successful comedian who has recently hosted several TV shows. One of his greatest successes has been as host of Comedy Central’s hit series, @Midnight, currently working on its third season.

The celebrity has much advice for those who are stuck in a rut, suffering from alcohol addiction and can’t see the way back to a happy and healthy life. Hardwick wrote about his life-changing decision to get better in his column on in 2011. “You can turn your life around for the better. Honestly,” said Hardwick. “I was at a total dead-end with little hope of resurrecting a decent life. I humbly place my low point at your feet and tell you that if you’re thinking about making improvements in your life, TODAY IS THE DAY TO START. Quitting drinking, starting exercising, eating better, pursuing your passion, hugging more puppies–whatever it is. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Over-thinking the ‘hows’ and ‘why comes’ will put you in a never ending loop of inactivity. You have the power and ability to change the future with a simple ‘pro-you’ decision.”

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