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Creating Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries work to help individuals assert who we are in relation to others. They aid us in our quest for understanding in regard to responsibility in our own lives as well as the lives of those surrounding us. When an individual is admitted to a rehabilitation facility, it’s crucial to establish healthy boundaries in order to get the most from the experience. In this entry, we will provide a few tips to help create these boundaries.


1 – Get in touch with your counselor to determine a healthy set of boundaries. If you are to be successful in setting boundaries with other people, you must first gain a basic understanding as to what they are. Your counselor should be able to provide you with reading materials and worksheets to help in the education process.

2 – Avoid substituting your addictions. When making the transition into a sober lifestyle, it’s not uncommon for repressed emotions to come out. Though the experience can seem overwhelming, it’s important to work though your emotions without covering them up with a new addiction. Immerse yourself in the treatment experience and treatment program activities to ensure a positive and healthy transition into sobriety.

3 – As feelings surface, it’s important to face them head-on. Confront your emotions by keeping a journal and sharing your feelings in group and private therapy sessions. This will not only allow you to work through emotions in a positive manner, but will open the door to positive peer support with other individuals working toward similar goals.

4 – Remember the golden rule? The same basic principal applies at our California alcohol rehab facility. Write out a list of your personal boundaries and hold yourself to them in regard to your interactions with others. What types of responsibilities to you have? What do other people do that make you nervous? Having a firm grasp of your own boundaries will help you respect the boundaries of others.

5 – Communication is key. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to ask others whether their boundaries are being crossed. Different people hold different values and different levels of comfort. Though one person may enjoy a good hug, another may find the advance a little strong. Play it safe and make sure to ask before acting on impulse. The results of your continued communication and respectful manner will ultimately help you on the road toward the happier, sober and fulfilling lifestyle you’re after.

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