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The first step in a drug and alcohol treatment program is the detoxification or detox process. No, this isn’t quite the same as an at-home detox to cleanse your body of toxins, but it is used to rid the body of any addictive substances. Trying to detox on your own at home can actually be a dangerous decision due to how the drugs and alcohol affect your body. You may experience withdrawal symptoms that are too uncomfortable to handle on your own, and ineffective detox can increase your risk of relapse.

Why Detox Matters

Before you can truly focus on your treatment and recovery, your body and mind need to be out from under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You need to get a fresh start and learn to function without these substances. Sobriety can allow you to put your energy and attention into what you are learning in rehab and really implement necessary changes.

How Above It All Supports Clients Through Detox

Detox can be uncomfortable and exhausting. Clients at Above It All receive round-the-clock care and monitoring as they go through the detox process to ensure a safe and effective experience. Addiction Recovery Specialists and medical staff can provide non-addictive medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and keep clients more comfortable. Staff also provides ongoing support and encouragement to motivate clients and reduce risk of relapse.

An effective detox program can provide a solid foundation on which to continue building throughout the recovery process. You will be able to start healing your body and mind and making healthier decisions for your future. Detox is just the first step of the journey, but it is a crucial one. It can set the tone for the rest of your recovery, so you want to ensure that you are in the hands of highly trained professionals like those at Above It All who want to see you succeed and move forward in your recovery.

[cta] If you’re ready to overcome addiction, don’t try to detox yourself at home – contact Above It All for safe, supervised care and comprehensive treatment. [/cta]

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