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“Do You Miss Drinking?”

It seems like a normal drinker’s favorite question to ask is “do you miss drinking”? The fact is prior to receiving alcohol addiction help, going to AA meetings and getting sober through the help of places such as a drug addiction detox, or 30 day rehab program for most of us the way we were living life was no longer working for us. Sure drinking was probably fun in the beginning but what we were doing prior to getting sober was not living but rather maintaining. We had to drink and we lost our power of choice. It became our “medicine.” So when asked do you miss drinking the first thought that usually comes to mind is what is there to miss? When alcoholics hit bottom it is usually after we have become enslaved to our addiction we are stuck in the bondage of self and it is definitely not anything worth missing. When we get cravings or find that we are missing getting loaded it is usually a result of the part of our brain being triggered that has poor memory recall. Normal drinkers would recoil from alcohol like a hot flame if they ever came close to experiencing what   we had prior to getting sober but not us. We seem to touch the “flame” and two minutes later we forget that once again alcohol had burned us and were back at it. We do this over and over again until we can no longer endure the torture. When we get sober we trade our previous life for a life of freedom, happiness, and joy when we do the work. It is life that is worth living and worth giving up our old ones for.

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