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Drug Addiction Startling Facts and Hard Truths

Drug addiction is a devastating disease that affects millions worldwide. When it comes to the abuser’s world, drugs are used to silence the emotional and physical pain being experienced. Drugs are used as an escape from reality. When the drugs are used continuously, the body begins to crave it, thus becoming addicted to it.

Much has been said about drug addiction, but some of the more startling facts are ones that the majority of people do not know about.

  1. While a person may try drugs voluntarily for the first time, continued use may make it harder for the person to discontinue use. Drugs change the chemistry in the brain, which makes it difficult for individuals to make sound decisions.
  2. “Abuse” and “addiction” are two very different words with very different meanings.
    Drug use refers to people who continuously use drugs, despite knowing the dangers of using.
    Drug addiction refers to a person who has developed a tolerance to their drug. Because of this tolerance, they require an increased amount of the drug.
  3. Drug addiction is in every socioeconomic class in our society. It does not discriminate. Sure, some groups may have a slightly higher incidence of drug addiction, but it does not mean that it cannot happen to your socioeconomic group.
  4. Many people have tried quitting drugs “cold turkey.” The truth is the majority of those individuals relapse in the first year. It is imperative that individuals suffering from drug addiction complete a drug rehab program.

Drug rehab programs get to the root of the problem, and help the individual become stronger from the inside out. Rehab centers have comprehensive programs to help enrich an addict’s emotional, physical and spiritual health. The programs help the addict know that they are not alone in this fight. These programs give addicts the tools to face their addiction each day, and tell their addiction that they are stronger without the drugs.

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