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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California : What is it, and what makes it Beneficial?

Dual diagnosis is the process by which a treatment center finds 2 of the following: drug addiction problems, alcoholism, and mental illness. Up to 70% of drug and alcohol addicts are estimated to suffer from an undiagnosed and untreated secondary condition.  Because symptoms of drug abuse and mental illness are similar, diagnosis can be easily confused.  Drug treatment facilities are often ill-equip to deal with mental illness and visa versa. Luckily, Above It All treatment center is equipped for such a problem.

With any type of addiction problem there is often a dual diagnosis with depression; so even after the treatment for addiction the depression will remain. Without treatment for depression as well as the addiction the likelihood of relapse increases tenfold.  Several other mental illnesses are often self-medicated with drug and alcohol addictions, like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Most of these problems can be managed with therapy and prescriptions thereby ensuring a mostly normal life, as opposed to having a higher propensity towards suicide. Alcoholics are about 7 times more likely to commit suicide even after treatment without proper therapy.  50 % of all people who commit suicide were not in therapy beforehand. Having a drug and alcohol treatment center that can support a dual diagnosis paradigm is very beneficial to sober living for the rest of your life.

There are three main benefits of dual diagnosis: you get two treatments at the same time, you learn coping skills, and you are able to plan to try for the future. Dual treatment ensures that both would be far more successful than either would be alone. With the coping skills, you no longer become a slave to your addiction and psychological issues.  And by planning for the future, it becomes possible to do stuff that an addiction makes impossible. A certified drug rehab center, such as Above It All treatment center is such a place where treatment such as dual diagnosis is possible.

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