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Early Sobriety and Emotional Nature

When we are newly sober, we will doubtless encounter a barrage of feelings that, in some cases, seem wholly unfamiliar and in others, remind us of why we drank and used to begin with. Sometimes they are things we have been consciously avoiding other times, they are things we didn’t even know were there. Throughout our sobriety, and especially in the beginning, we are confronted with and explore a wide range of emotions and experiences.

For most alcoholics and addicts this is a very confusing time. 30 day rehab programs provide an excellent beginning and path into recovery.  The professional staff of rehab programs in California are trained in many facets of addiction treatment including the best ways to guide you through the unfamiliar territory of navigating emotions and situations without drugs and alcohol.

While we were drinking and using, we became so accustomed to reaching out to drugs and alcohol as our first coping mechanism that, once we are without them, attempting to control our emotional nature seems all but impossible. We are, at times, ebullient and at other times morose and often have little idea as to what has set us in one direction or the other. By working with professional counselors, attending 12 step meetings and working the 12 steps, we are able to come to a clearer picture of what our feelings are, why we are having them and how to address them in a healthy way, honoring our feelings, our selves and those around us.

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