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Education for Addicts, Alcoholics and their Families

The friends and family of alcoholics and addicts have long wondered just what they could do to make the addict or alcoholic stop their harmful and destructive behavior. Once, the primary school of thought was that the alcoholic or addict had to hit rock bottom by themselves before they were ready for one of the 30 day rehab programs, then we began seeing more and more interventions performed as families sought the help of professionals and interventionists to communicate with the alcoholic or addict the things that they didn’t seem to be able to get across on their own.

More and more, families are arming themselves with education about alcoholism, drug rehab treatment programs, 12 step program addiction specialists and addiction and alcoholism in general. There is so much information on drug rehab blogs around the internet and through books and educational programs on television that addiction has gone from being a mysterious affliction where sufferers and their families are alienated and suffer in silence to one that is recognizably common and with which most people are at least a little familiar. One of the complications of this is that it can create an environment where everyone thinks themselves an expert. Thankfully, there are many reliable drug rehab blogs that provide insight and information to alcoholism, addiction, its affect on the sufferers and their families and the action required to make a change and enter a new life of recovery and freedom.

What we seek to offer here are insights into each side of addiction; both the addict or alcoholic and support for family of addicts. We hope that you are able to find those things and we invite you to post any questions. We will get to each of them!

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