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Exploring Nature and a New Life in California Rehab

Drug rehab centers in California are some of the most sought after in the world. As the fog lifts and the world becomes brighter, the natural beauty of the California mountains and beaches is perfect as you get sober, clean up the past and life begins anew.

Above It All Treatment Center believes in fully engaging this new life and venturing into the beauty of the world with a fresh perspective. Each week, our patients and counselors venture out in groups, exploring the natural beauty of Lake Arrowhead, California and all of the scenery it offers. Mountain backdrops and beautiful trees make Above It All one of the premier California rehab centers but it is the strength of the program and the focus on recovery and building a new life that truly make it a success.

A big part of the new life that begins when you decide to get sober is the discovery of self. Once you have taken the difficult step of asking for help, a supportive environment surrounded by natural beauty is a wonderful place to take those first steps into a new life. That is why we make nature walks and hikes a regular part of our schedule of activities. Any recovery professional will tell you that an effective drug addiction detox is but a part of a larger and comprehensive recovery program founded in the twelve steps and a spiritual beginning. Lake Arrowhead, California is one of the most beautiful backdrops imaginable for your new beginning.

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