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Exploring the Power of Laughter in Addiction Recovery

Although addiction recovery is a very serious topic, which does not mean that there is not room for some humor too. Allowing yourself to laugh and look the bright side of things can keep you moving forward and increase your motivation. Laughter can have a positive impact on both your body and your mind.

When you start laughing, the effects are felt throughout your body. Laughter can increase your blood pressure and improve the circulation of oxygen throughout your system. It can also lower your stress response, allowing you to feel more at ease. Stress has a tendency to build tension in your muscles and suppress your immune system, but a good dose of humor can alleviate these responses and boost your health. It should come as no surprise that your mood may also improve when laughing; it may stimulate the release of dopamine and activate your brain’s reward system.

Even if you start out faking laughter and happiness, it commonly develops into something real. Before you know it, you cannot help but smile and stress starts to melt away. It is no wonder that many people have a few optimists and comedians in their circle of friends – these people make you feel good about yourself and look at the world from a new perspective. They can spin the negative into something positive and give you reason to smile. Here are a few other benefits of laughter in recovery:

  • It can help to diffuse tense situations and calm everyone down.
  • It is a way to connect with others and break the ice.
  • You do not need any special equipment or tools. You can find laughter among friends, in books, in the movies, on television shows, or out in the community.
  • It can ease stress and reduce muscle tension.
  • It can brighten your mood and outlook on life.

Incorporate a little humor into your day and find out what a difference it can make. At Above It All, we’ll help you find both laughter and serenity in recovery. Contact our team today for more information.

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