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Fear and Sobriety (Part 2)

Many of us experience fear around many different things. It can either be healthy or unhealthy. Healthy fear is when it’s used as a defense mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus such as pain or the threat of danger. There are also common fears such as fear of death, the unknown, and fears in cultures. Alcoholics can also add fear of failure and fear of success to this list. Unhealthy fear is when it is not based in reality and keeps you from living life. For us alcoholics especially in the grips of our disease we can find the fear paralyzing. Not knowing what is going to happen, or fear of not being able to get sober often times stops us from getting alcohol addiction help. When we overcome those fears and decide to get sober we are faced with new fears such as can I do this on my own? Is there an affordable rehab I can go to? or would a 30 day rehab and drug addiction detox program be best for me? Once we make that choice then the life fears along with reality start to set in. How do we live life? Will we ever be happy again? What do I do with myself? Who am I? Etc. The great fact for us is that through getting sober and working the steps we find a higher power of our own understanding and while there is fear from time to time it’s never paralyzing like it was when we were using because we have faith and are taken care of.

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