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Find Fun and a New Life in a California Rehab

California rehab Above It All is firmly rooted in the steps and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and it reaches into every aspect of our program. In the “big book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, it says “We are not a glum lot. We insist on enjoying life.” and we take that to heart. The new life that you begin when you make the decision to make a change and take the step of asking for help at one of the world renowned drug rehab centers in California should be fun! For a lot of people, drinking and using were fun once upon a time but somewhere along the line things changed and what started as a little fun led to a life of misery and addiction. When you seek drug addiction detox and treatment, you make a decision to end that life of misery in addiction.

We make a point of having fun and incorporate regular outings to area bowling alleys and other group adventures into our program. It may have been ages since you’ve done anything like bowling, or much of any other activity that wasn’t centered around getting loaded – you might be surprised at just how much fun you can have clean and sober, living a life free from drugs and alcohol.

One of the most exciting parts about getting sober is learning about the real you; the one that you have been masking for so long behind substances. You will love the things you learn and the way that you laugh. There are new discoveries that await you every day and a California drug rehab center is just the place to begin your journey.

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