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Five Ideas for an Alcohol Free New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re in recovery, you may be wondering how to have fun on New Year’s Eve without alcohol. It’s possible. And it’s a whole lot safer. Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that more than half the traffic fatalities in our nation are alcohol-related during the New Year’s Eve holiday.

So whether you’re in recovery, have a loved one in recovery,  or just want you and your friends to be safe during the holidays, you might consider throwing an alcohol-free New Year’ s Eve party. In fact, you don’t have to do it alone. Team up with like-minded partiers to throw an event to remember. And when the party’s over, send your guests sane and sober into the New Year!

A few tips:

  • State your alcohol-free intention up front. Put it on the invitation; remind people when they RSVP that there won’t be alcoholic beverages. When you talk about your party, refer to its alcohol-free nature. You might also ask people not to bring their own.
  • Have fun with the beverages. Just because it doesn’t have alcohol doesn’t mean it can’t be festive. Serve virgin “mocktails,” have plenty of sparkling water to mix with exotic juices, and include warm drinks like cider, hot chocolate and eggnog. Or think about featuring a full-on coffee bar with all the fixings!
  • Start with a mingle. Get everyone involved in conversation and laughter right from the start. Plan an opening game like “People Bingo.”
  • Keep raising the energy. Plan a series of activities and games that will keep your guests engaged throughout the night. Or consider planning the evening around a high-energy game like Pictionary or charades.
  • The midnight toast. Pour sparkling cider into champagne glasses just before the count-down to midnight. You might even want to take a moment of silent reflection before the countdown starts.

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