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Following Your Dreams in Sobriety

When it comes to recovery and sobriety we have to follow our dreams. Sometimes we have to commence to outgrow fear, take risks, and show ourselves what we are capable of. It’s one of the blessings and gifts that we receive. We receive alcohol addiction help, get sober, and as a result get to chase our dreams. If we are spiritually fit we get to go anywhere and do anything we want. There are many different opinions within the rooms around what is right or wrong good or bad but we learn through the help of a 30 day rehab program, A.A., or drug addiction detox how to build a foundation and follow our gut. We will come to know how to intuitively handle situations that use to baffle us and we will eventually learn when something doesn’t work for us or isn’t going to long before putting ourselves in harm’s way. We can begin to rely upon a power greater than ourselves and if we go with God in our hearts and sobriety in our minds we can accomplish anything. We got sober not only so we could escape from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body but also so that we could create a life worth living, and that we could be proud of. It’s a life beyond our wildest dreams. We get to live happy, healthy, and free lives. Let this be the first day of the rest of your life. Go and chase you dreams, enjoy sobriety, and live this amazing life we were given to the fullest!

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