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Get Help to Break Free from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

With the right help, it is possible to recover from addiction. A person who has been abusing drugs or alcohol can’t get well on his or her own, though. They need to get the right help to get well. This is a disease that requires professional treatment from experienced professionals.

  • Are you concerned about a loved one who has become dependent on drugs or alcohol?
  • Are you tired or listening to the excuses about why he or she can’t or won’t go for treatment yet?
  • Does the person you care for deny that there is a problem?
  • Is it time for the addict in your life to accept responsibility for his or her behavior?

Inpatient Treatment Program Can Help

Your loved one needs to go to a place where he or she can focus on getting well. The counselors at 30-90 day rehab facilities can provide the help and support necessary to identify the triggers that make a person want to turn to drugs or alcohol to anesthetize him or herself against painful emotions. Getting away from familiar surroundings is part of making a fresh start and getting a new lease on life.

No matter how long a person has been addicted, there is life after drug and alcohol abuse. No one wakes up one day and decides that they are going to become an addict. This disease is one that comes on the heels of some kind of pain, either emotional or physical. In some instances, it grows out of physical pain when people are prescribed painkillers after surgery or they have become injured. Over time, they become dependent on the medication and the problem grows into a prescription drug addiction.

Get Treatment for Addiction Today

All addictions are created equally, and no substance is better or worse than the other. Anyone with a problem can benefit from the programs offered by an addiction treatment program. The most important step is to admit that there is a problem and ask for help. The counselors at the treatment center can suggest an appropriate course of treatment for each client, which may include the following:

  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings/Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
  • Educational Group
  • Process Group Meeting
  • One-on-One Sessions with a Therapist
  • Individual Meetings with an Addictions Counselor
  • Group Therapy Sessions

Clients who go to the inpatient treatment program gain insights into what made them turn to the addictive substances originally and develop strategies for resisting triggers that will tempt them to use once they leave the facility. They have the option to move into a sober living house or to move directly independent living after completing their treatment program.

Get help for someone you care about today by contacting the Above It All Treatment Center to learn more about treatment programs. A recovery specialist is available to take your call right now.

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