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Getting Addiction Help When You’re Young

Making the decision to get sober is already a difficult thing. It’s already hard enough sometimes to hit a bottom when were older let alone when were young. Since alcoholics have a tendency to defend our right to drink and use to the death many of us don’t receive or ask for alcohol addiction help until we are older. However these days there are a lot more young people getting sober through the help of places like AA, or California rehab centers. We see more and more young people getting here at such an early age such as 16,17,18 years old or even younger that work the steps, go to some sort of drug rehab facility in LA, and as a result of one or both things achieve long lasting recovery. It’s a beautiful thing. some people that get sober young might have the lingering questions such as was it just a phase?, did I get sober too young?, do I have another drinking spree left in me because I’m so young?, or how can I be or admit I’m  an alcoholic when I’ve never had a legal drink? We as alcoholics are always trying to prove ourselves exceptions to the rules or terminally unique. These thoughts to a young alcoholic are only icing on the cake when it comes to trying to be the exception. While it might seem more difficult the fact is that if you get the opportunity to get sober young and you take it you too can recover the same way all of us have. Not only that but there will have been most likely less wreckage caused and an amazing long life ahead of you. There are several young people’s events and meetings available to you if you’re young and ready to get sober. As young people in recovery we don’t suffer through sobriety. Instead we insist on enjoying every second of it. For we are grateful, know how blessed we are, and know that our sober lives are way too valuable to take for granted.

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