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Getting Help When You Cannot Stop Drinking

“At a certain point in the drinking of every alcoholic, he passes into a state where the most powerful desire to stop drinking is of no avail. This tragic situation has already arrived in practically every case long before it is suspected. The fact is that most alcoholics, for some reason yet obscure, have lost the power of choice in drink. Our so-called will power becomes practically nonexistent. We are unable, at certain times, to bring into our consciousness with sufficient force the memory of the suffering and humiliation of even a week or a month ago. We are without defense against the first drink. The certain consequences that follow taking even a glass of beer do not crowd into the mind to deter us.” – Pg. 24 There Is A Solution, the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Many of us are completely beat down by this disease long before we realize we have a problem and need alcohol addiction help. At this point have lost our ability to control and enjoy our drinking and the days of social drinking and fun nights have become a distant memory. After years of drinking we are most likely at a place where we lost the choice to drink or not and are simply drinking because we have to. It has become our medicine and solution. Our only hope for a way out of this “tragic situation” is to go to a rehab that takes insurance, AA , or some other form of drug addiction detox. It is only after we get help and recover that we are able to do the work it takes to heal the wreckage we have caused in ours and others lives. If we are fortunate to get this far then we have a fighting chance at having an amazing life and reaping the benefits/blessings that a life in sobriety has to offer.

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