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Getting Sober and Accountability

After we receive alcohol addiction help and first get sober one of the first things we learn how to do is show up and be accountable. We learn to show up in many ways. We show up for ourselves, for others, our commitments and possibly for our drug addiction detox or any other type of 30 day rehab program we might be in. Showing up  is a very important part of our recovery. As alcoholics we never really knew how to show up for ourselves, our lives or others before getting sober and if we did it was usually to see what we could take from the situation rather than give to it. We spent most of our using trying to maintain and survive. We ran through people’s lives like tornado’s not really caring about the destruction we caused or knowing how to fix it. We get self-esteem by doing esteem able acts and when we suit up and show up we are not only building self-esteem but we are amending our behavior, cleaning up our wreckage, as well as being careful not to create more. We need to learn to show up for ourselves because if we can’t do that then we can’t show up for others either and vice versa. This practice of doing what you say you’re going to do and keeping your commitment not just to others but to yourself too builds trust, love, faith, responsibility, self-love, and good relationships. It helps us get closer to our ideals and closer to living a life full of happiness and peace.

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