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Getting Your 18-Year-Old Into Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction can result in an wealth of mental, emotional and even financial issues for everyone involved. Though it is certainly possible to place a child under the age of 18 into recovery against their will; once they have reached that 18th birthday, the process becomes complicated.

When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, but refuses to accept help, an intervention may be an option worth pursuing. Interventions are pre-planned meetings, where by the addict’s friends and family members come together with the intent of convincing the individual to seek treatment for their issues.


1 – Get in touch with a seasoned interventionist. Though you certainly have the option of performing the intervention on your own, a professional interventionist will be able to help organize and guide the meeting. Professional interventionists will also work to ensure that the event goes smoothly, while acting as an authoritarian figure in case things happen to get out of hand.

2 – Do your best not to be hostile, confrontational, or judgmental towards the individual in question. Anger is a natural response in these types of situations but never conducive to a positive outcome. Try expressing your worry and concern in a calm, collected, and loving manner while emphasizing why you are there – to help.

3 – Call Above It All treatment center prior to the intervention to communicate your plans. Provided there is a happy outcome, the individual must be taken to directly to rehab to help facilitate a quick and seamless transition into recovery.

4 – If the individual is unwilling to seek help for their addiction, consequences must be implemented. Revoke any financial, housing, or transportation support to the individual. Some people may not immediately respond positively to the intervention. By allowing some time for self-reflection and a hard dose of reality, many will ultimately opt for treatment.

5 – Once your loved one has entered Above It All, it’s important to commend and support their decision. Seek out a local Al Anon meeting, and begin working on your own demons. Because addiction is a family disease, it’s important for close friends and family members to educate themselves as to the ways in which they can better themselves… and thereby better life for the addict once treatment is complete.

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