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Help Someone Who Desperately Needs California Drug Treatment

The first step is honesty. A common issue surrounding those with addiction is the denial by everyone around them that the problem even exists. No matter how long you have turned a blind eye, if you see a friend or family member’s addiction as a serious problem, you need to be honest about it. Share your feelings and concerns. No one ever overcame addiction by denying they had a problem – but most addicts would prefer to avoid facing this truth. Your honesty could be the tipping point.

A large part of being honest is to no longer be an enabler. You may have thought you were “helping” your loved one, when you were actually making it easier for them to use drugs or alcohol. Make it perfectly clear that you will not assist them in anyway to continue a life of substance abuse.

Another thing you can do is simply offer to help and let them know you’re here for them and will continue to support them as they endevor to create a new, sober life. Letting go of the substance they’re abusing can be frightening. Often, this substance has been their constant companion for years – if not a lifetime. The addict may also fear losing friends or partners who they currently use with. Knowing they don’t have to face the unknown alone – and will still have friends they can count on even when sober – can give the courage to make the first step toward sobriety. Lend a hand by researching rehabs that take insurance, offer to care for pets, children or housesit while they’re away getting clean and sober.

Sometimes intervention help los angeles california is the only way. In cases of serious addiction, the assistance of a professional interventionist are often required. Studies have shown a higher percentage of success when the services of an interventionist are utilized.

For most alcoholics and drug addicts, an inpatient drug rehab is the only road to sobriety. Total isolation from the issues, triggers and people that enable the user to use is what 30 day rehab programs provide. If you, or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, contact us today.

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