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Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Recovery

The holiday season is nearing and you can put your mind at ease because we have some great recovery gift ideas for you. Start with one of these stocking stuffers: choose from a pocket-sized card printed with the timeless wisdom of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and the Serenity Prayer or the Eleventh Step Bookmark. These small gifts reinforce the importance of daily reflection and prayer. Provide encouragement and support for your loved one by giving them something to read. A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps is a recognized effective approach to helping women find serenity through the Twelve Steps. A lighter take on recovery, but with spot on convincing advice, is 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery. In simple, easygoing language, the author explores the twelve most commonly confronted beliefs and attitudes that can sabotage recovery. The book also offers helpful suggestions for working these solutions into daily life. Finally, Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery: Twenty True Stories from the Soul, a highly praised and popular account includes the author and her son sharing their story of pain and struggle. It includes many other inspiring stories collected over two years from real people who share their difficulties in intimate details.

Other holiday gifts that can encourage lifelong recovery and personal growth include jewelry with inspirational messages, like a Serenity Prayer Recovery Stretch Bracelet. If you like the idea of giving jewelry or handmade items, you will love our next suggestion. is a place where you can find unique holiday gifts for the man or woman in recovery. There are medallions with the third step and other prayers, and journals for doing step work and keeping gratitude lists. Jewelry can also be customized with your sobriety date. Your loved one will be comforted and touched when you give them one of these thoughtful gifts to show you support their recovery.

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