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How Family Counseling Aids In Addiction Recovery

By the time an addict has reached our drug rehab center in LA, the families are typically through with the heartache and drama that’s been caused. Though the family still loves and supports the addict, it’s not uncommon for members to feel as though their attempts to help the individual only serve in making the situation worse. Why would a stay at Above It All be any different?

Support for family of addicts is one of the main focuses at Above It All. Here, friends and relatives of the addict are invited to take part in the recovery process with the aid of a licensed addiction specialist. In this way, family members are better able to understand what their loved one is going through, and the efforts being made to combat the addiction as a whole. Counseling can take place either in person or over the phone, and can take place as often as 1x per week.

Truth be told, the single greatest thing you can do to help your loved one succeed in their recovery is making a commitment to attend Al-Anon meetings. These environments provide participants with the knowledge and support they need to fully recognize their own involvement in the addiction. As the old saying goes, “your only as good as the company you keep”. By making a concerted effort to better yourself, you will in effect be doing your part to aid the individual in question. Addiction is never a solo journey… and the same rules should apply to recovery.

Even with family counseling and Al-Anon meetings, it’s important to know that there are no guarantees for complete recovery. In some cases, it may even take years for the addict to truly commit to the recovery process.  Make a point to keep tabs on the addict’s attendance in regard to 12 step meetings once they have completed their treatment. A willingness to continue maintaining their sobriety through counseling and support groups is a good sign that the individual is invested in a positive change.

If you’re considering your rehabilitation options, take a moment to contact one of our licensed addiction counselors. He or she will be best able to assess the situation at hand and provide you with available options in addressing the addiction.

Deep breaths… Postive thoughts… Love & Compassion… We’ll get through this yet!

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