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How We Differ From Other Rehabs

Above It All Treatment Center sees addictions as the result of several areas of the person in dysfunction. The whole-person approach treats the key areas, including therapeutic methods, bio-nutritional program, spiritual reconnection, family therapy, career development and more. As a result, clients become more healthy, strong, balanced, “centered” and happy. Their level of aliveness is significantly increased, as well as their feelings of connection to themselves and to others. They have more skills and confidence in creating the lives they want, complete with good relationships, a satisfying job or career, and enjoyment of the moment. The disease model implies that there is something wrong with a person that cannot be healed. While there may be predispositions to addiction (physically, emotionally, and socially), Above It All Treatment Center is able to identify and treat these areas specifically, using the most state-of-the-art methods available today. For example, research has shown that there are indeed alcoholic bio-chemistries that make some people predisposed. But, rather than a “disease”, these are considered to be conditions that can be treated and/or managed and their impact dramatically reduced. In addition, emotional issues, childhood traumas and other significant personal and interpersonal problems are profoundly addressed by our professional staff.

A vast majority of those that are chemically-dependent have self-esteem issues and feel powerless in the face of beating their addiction. Above It All Treatment Center focuses on building self-esteem and helping people begin to feel their own self-worth again. This in turn builds their confidence and their ability to create the lives they want. With a sense of powerfulness and self-worth, people are in a better place to say “no” to unhealthy, addictive behaviors and to say “yes” to the healthy choices that make life worth living. In addition, people gain skill at recognizing the addictive “part” of themselves and at diffusing its power.

Whenever someone makes a conscious change in their life, it begins with choice. Even those who use the “one day at a time” approach find that one day they simply decide, “I will never drink or use again!” Above It All Treatment Center engages individuals to make this choice for themselves and in this way take their lives back into their own hands. This declaration is made in a meaningful setting and stays with the person long after they have left Above It All Treatment Center.

Above It All Treatment Center believes that shame and blame do not, in fact, bring about the desired result of modifying behavior in others. Quite the contrary, it often brings up resentment, belligerence, and lowers self-esteem in the face of life’s ups and downs. Above It All Treatment Center uses a positive approach that engages each person’s will and strengthens each individual’s sense of self-worth. Skills are given to help people choose and become more aware so that addictive behaviors are not repeated in the future.

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