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Making Changes for a Better Life Through Sobriety

Sometimes we have to give up everything we know for the hope of something better. That’s exactly what sobriety is about. When we first get sober either through AA, or a drug rehab facility in LA most of us are afraid of the unknown and what our lives will look like. Most of us live in fear that it won’t work and we will never be able to stay sober and if we are able to then what? What if our lives are boring because were sober and what if we can’t have any more fun in life? After receiving alcohol addiction help, taking the first step, and going to an addiction program in Los Angeles we come to find that the opposite is true. There is tons of fun to be had in sobriety. We have also seen time and time again several success stories. We’ve seen homeless people become doctors, thieves become honest bankers, addicts become therapists, and helpless drunks turn their lives around and make something of themselves. In other words we’ve seen nothing short of miracles happen on a constant basis. We’ve seen people that should be dead recover and live amazing lives. Through seeing this and through having our own experience we begin to see that not only are we going to be ok but we are going to be able to have fun and stay sober. When we make the decision to start living this lifestyle we begin to see that the skies the limit. Our dreams are no longer just dreams they are reality waiting to happen. Dreams without action = fantasy but through getting sober we can finally find enough courage and strength to take that action and make the most out of our lives.

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