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Medicine for Depression and Anxiety

There are a lot of medications out there today. It seems like everyday there are new commercials on television encouraging people to try this new drug or that new drug. One in 5 Americans has depression or anxiety, with this high ratio there has to be a lot of different kinds of meds to target the different ways the human body can process them.

It’s tricky to find the right drug for you, even trickier to find the right dosage. For people suffering from depression and anxiety it is imperative that doctors get the dosage right as fast as possible or with as much careful observation as possible due to the side effects of some of these drugs. If a person gets the wrong dosage, they may become suicidal and attempt to act upon those impulses; it is also known that the wrong medicine for depression and anxiety can cause manic phases where the person cannot sleep for days. There are many other side effects such as increased lethargy, moving through a “fog”, dizziness, weight fluctuations, tremors, headaches, slower reactions, impaired thinking/judgment, and many more. One common side effect of certain anxiety medications is depression; this is something to keep in mind when talking to the prescribers of the meds. Both sets of medications can have the exact opposite effect than what they are intended.

When the right drug is found a whole new world can open up; eyes open to the wondrous world around them and they often feel like they are flying higher than a kite; it’s the best they’ve felt in a long time. But these drugs are meant to be a temporary fix, like a band-aid or stitches. When band-aids come off there is usually quite a bit more healing to be done; the right amount of oxygen, and sometimes pricking the wound, can finish the process. Similarly a good therapist can air out the issues that lead to the depression or anxiety disorder, and when they feel its necessary they will push just a bit farther to release the pent up emotions safely.

Considering the good feelings that can come from being on the medications, especially after a period of negative feelings, it’s easy to see how people can get addicted to them. When its time to get off of the pharmaceuticals, the person may feel typical withdrawal symptoms. In severe cases of addiction, it is probably wise to got into psychiatric hospital or total rehabilitation center for the detox and adjustment off of the drugs. Many have comprehensive programs that can be tailored to the specific problem.

A possibility of addiction should not stop you from getting help in the form of medication. It can save your life if you are having an emergency or crisis.

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