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More Myths About Alcohol Drug Detox

Myths keep millions of people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction from seeking the alcohol and long term drug addiction treatment they need. Rehab can be a positive and life-changing experience that leads to a long, happy life free of drugs and alcohol. While there is no “cure” for addiction, drug rehab is often the first step to this new life. Don’t let the following myths stop you from getting the help you or a loved one needs.

“I have to hit rock bottom before I can go to rehab.”

While hitting rock bottom can lead to powerful change, it’s not the only way. With the help and encouragement of family and friends, many people have gone entered California drug treatment before hitting rock bottom and successfully maintain their sobriety. Why choose to hit rock bottom before you decide to take control of your life?

“Rehab doesn’t work if it’s forced.”

Making the choice to enter drug rehab voluntarily is more pleasant for all concerned, but sometimes drug rehab is court mandated or forced. Those cases have as good of a chance of recovery as any, regardless of the situation that led to taking that step. Sometimes only a stay in drug rehab can make it possible for an individual struggling with addiction to fully grasp the severity of his or her problem.

“Rehab cures addiction.”

There is NO cure for addiction. Unfortunately, relapse happens. The fear of relapse, is not a valid reason to avoid 12 step recovery programs. The key to successful recovery is to stay dedicated to working the steps of your treatment program, surround yourself with support and focus your efforts on healthy behaviors. Recovery is always possible, but not without dedication and self-awareness.

“There is no affordable rehab available to me.”

Yes, there are costs associated with inpatient accommodations, supervised medical detox and therapy sessions, but some treatment centers will work with your individual financial situation. Some insurance policies cover most (if not all) drug and alcohol rehab and many rehab centers offer payment plans or other payment options.

Drug rehab educates the addicted individual and their loved ones, creates a strong support system, and imparts the life-skills necessary to lead a productive life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Don’t let a myth stand in the way of a bright tomorrow.

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