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Packing for California Drug Rehabilitation

Well, you did it! You’ve made the decision to enter drug addiction rehab treatment. Now you’re going away for at least four weeks. What should you pack? Knowing what to bring (or not bring) will help you make the most of your stay, and focus on what’s important – sobriety!

Pack clothing suited to the weather in the area of your treatment center. If you’re headed across country, or to an area you haven’t visited before, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecasts and pack accordingly. Although rehab is serious business, many California drug rehab center programs offer outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming or yoga. Make sure you pack shoes and clothes which will allow you to participate in these activities.

Allowed personal items vary by program, so you’ll want to check with your facility before bringing items other than clothing. Some things you might want to inquire about include any prescribed medication, a favorite pillow or cozy blanket, hair care appliances, an alarm clock, photos of of family and friends and books.

Some prohibited items have to do with privacy concerns  – such as cameras and cell phones. Any products containing alcohol such as mouthwash, perfume or hairspray will not be allowed. Many rehabs have strict no jewelry, cash or electronics policies. Some centers do not allow candy, food or energy drinks and you should also plan to leave all sexually-explicit materials behind as well.

When you arrive at drug addiction detox, your self and your belongings will be searched to make sure that you haven’t accidentally (or purposely) brought any contraband items along. If banned items are found, those that are illegal will be taken away, and those that are not will be returned to you upon your departure.

Getting along with  the bare necessities and simplifying one’s life during your stay at alcohol drug rehab, helps you  to focus on the task at hand. After successful treatment, you  can go back to your life – and all of your stuff!

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