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What People Wish They Knew About Sobriety

Sobriety is a road that addicts do not know much about until they begin to travel down it. Will I make it? Can I stay sober? Will I lose everyone in my life that is important to me? Who will understand me emotionally? If you are looking to improve your health from a physical and mental point of view while going through rehabilitation programs and maintaining your forever sobriety we have a few tips to offer you.

  1. You will lose “friends.” You know who we are talking about—the friends who were really just emotionally draining people in your life that wanted you to use drugs and alcohol with them. It is ok to lose these “friends”! Surround yourself with friends who are loving, compassionate, and understand that your sobriety is a defining factor in your road to recovery.
  2. You will be emotional from time to time. You are only human! All humans feel emotional and even more so when fighting to stay sober. Some days you will feel like the whole world is against you and will not understand why you are feeling like this. That is when it is important to remember that you should continue going to support group meetings and lean on people who will be there to comfort you when you get emotional.
  3. You will meet people in life who will judge you. They will judge you for being sober, they will judge you for not wanting to party the way you used to, they will even judge you for being a former addict and getting your health in order. Let them, hold your head up high and continue to stay healthy and happy.
  4. You will feel a strong desire to help others in your situation. Once you are sober you will look back and remember how you felt in the moments you started on your path to recovery. You will meet others who are in the same place you were a short time ago and you will reach out to help. Sobriety will make you both more empathetic and caring. You have been there, you have done that, and you are better off for it. Others will see this and look up to you in their own path to recovery.
  5. You might become complacent or lazy following your rehabilitation days. Do not fall into this trap. Write, stay physical, go to support groups. Do whatever it is that you need to in order to stay sober and healthy.

Remember that when you embark on the road to sobriety it will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it. You will never regret living a healthy and productive life. Others who have not come to terms with their substance abuse issues might make you feel that way but their burden is not yours to carry.

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